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Parenting Orders with respect to very young children

When parents separate, arrangements need to be made for very young or even newborn children. Given that parental attachments are formed early in a child's life, it is important that appropriate arrangements/Orders be put in place for parents (usually the father) to spend time with the young child/children.

A general rule of thumb is that frequency of time, rather than quantity of time, is most important for the child at this stage. It will often be necessary in these circumstances to attempt to negotiate/obtain Orders so that "the non live with parent" can spend time with the child on several times each week for a couple of hours each day. Such negotiations are often made more difficult because emotions are running high and the "live with parent" (usually the mother) often requires such time to be supervised by her or take place at her or one of her family member's residences.

Springwood Lawyers is able to provide sound advice in these circumstances and assist with the negotiations or the obtaining of a Court Order.

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