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Estate administration

Springwood LawyersIf your loved one has passed, it is necessary to carry out their wishes as expressed in their Will.

Executors will usually require the assistance of a lawyer in this regard. 

Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration

At Springwood Lawyers we can assist you to obtain a Grant of Probate or if there is no Will, or in some circumstances if there is a defect in the Will, a Grant of Letters of Administration. 

Applications and notices

We can also assist you to attend to the "transfer" of the home and other real property by preparing and lodging the various transmission applications or notices. We can assist the Executors with carrying out their duties relating to the collection of estate assets, payment of estate debts, ensuring that issues such as Capital Gains Tax and payment of other taxes are attended to as necessary.

The Executor's Role

The role of an executor carries with it significant responsibilities and can be quite stressful. At Springwood Lawyers we will work with the executor and advise, assist and support them in their task.

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