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Elder Financial Abuse

These matters involve the loss by an older person of their assets, such as the depletion of their savings or the transfer of their home in circumstances where a child or family member or a carer or an acquaintance enters into an arrangement with the older person, whereby they receive such monies or transfer of property from the older person for nil or less than market value.

Examples of such abuse include:

  • The sale or transfer of the older person’s property
  • Using the older person’s property to secure a mortgage
  • Withdrawing monies from the older person’s bank account or using the older person’s credit card including through the internet 

Quick action is required in these circumstances and includes:

  • Lodgement of caveats
  • Revoking signatory arrangements at banks
  • Commencing court action to reverse transfers
  • Commencing court action to obtain compensation 

Springwood Lawyers have experience in acting in this area of law and are able to represent the older person in negotiations to have their property restored and if necessary initiate and represent the older person in court proceedings.

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