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Administration and Guardianship Applications

In the absence of having an Enduring Power of Attorney or if the Enduring Power of Attorney is no longer appropriate, an application can be made to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (‘QCAT’) for an administration or guardianship order, in circumstances where an adult is unable to make decisions for themselves.

QCAT may by order, appoint a guardian for a personal matter, or an administrator for a financial matter, if it is satisfied that the adult has impaired capacity to make decisions for a matter or where there is a need to make a decision in a matter or in circumstances where the adult is likely to do something which involves an unreasonable risk to the adult’s health, welfare or property.

Springwood Lawyers have experience in assisting parties to make applications to QCAT for administration and guardianship orders and in circumstances where it is appropriate and leave has been given, in representing parties at QCAT hearings.

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